Twisted First Attempt

This is a post about pretzels, which are twisted. Punny.

One of my worst habits is collecting recipes on Pinterest and never, ever making them. I wasn’t going to let that happen with the pretzel recipe I found, since I’m a pretzel addict, yet I never get them. 

ImageThese things are delicious and surprisingly super easy to make! The hardest part is actually getting the dough to stretch out as much as the recipe says it should (two feet of rope!), but they came out HUGE so next time I’ll just make smaller ropes. 


The dough doubles in size when it rises… use a larger bowl than you think you’ll need! Oops.

They’re easy. A lot easier than I initially thought they’d be once I figured out I had to boil them before baking. Yikes. I’m not so great with hot water. But it was simple: Mix, rise, shape, boil, bake. Eat. Yeah, that’s the last step. 

I’m going to go ahead and drop this attempt at making something new into the  “success” pile, because not only did they come out moderately pretty, but they came out freaking delicious and, really, who cares if they’re ugly if they taste great? Now I feel more confident to try bagels!


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